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A whistle stop tour of Indian food with a few Anglicised twists and turns right here in London.

Indian food has grown so much in the UK. Dishes that were made here are now being cooked out in India and we have evolved from choosing a sauce of varying spiciness and adding meat, fish or shudder vegetables. We now have regional cuisines, Michelin stars and fabulous Indian street food.

Est. India was a collision of all of this. It was eclectic and exciting. The menu had influences form the Punjab to Kerala, over to the Bay of Bengal and all the way back to the UK.

We stared out with naan bread stuffed with keema (a traditional lamb mince and pea curry) and a spicy green chutney (£5.50). It was soft, hot and fresh. Next was a papri chatt (£4.50), a very traditional street snack of rice puffs, tamarind, yogurt and chickpeas. This was stunning. Spicy, sweet, sour, crunchy and creamy – if you have not tried this please give it a go!

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